Preparing the site to plant new grass

A healthy, attractive lawn starts with proper site preparation.

Grading of the site prior to planting is important, as it will help ensure water retention and allow for easy mowing. The University of Maryland Extension advises sloping the lawn area away from buildings at a rate of 1 to 2 percent.2 Avoid steep slopes, as they tend to dry out, and make sure the area is level. Depressions create wet spots that are hard to mow and prone to disease.

If you intend to replace the entire lawn, it's important to do a thorough job of removing the old turf. Use a sod cutter to take out the old grass at the roots. Another option for ridding the area of old turf is to spray the lawn with an herbicide, such as a product containing glyphosate.

Apply according to product directions, wait 10 days and then re-spray any areas that are still green. Wait another 10 days to make sure that all of the turf is dead. Mow off the dead grass and rake it up. If the dead layer is too thick for raking, remove it with a sod cutter. After the area is clear of dead grass and you've graded the site, you can seed the lawn.

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