The yard is is starving for organic matter.

“The soil is starving for organic matter.”

Better garden, better lawn, better flowers, better veggies this summer, how to we do it? With compost.

Composting is literally making new soil. Have you ever tried it?! It’s like watching magic happen.

You can take “trash” and turn it into earthly treasure.

As much as 40% of our food is wasted and sent to landfills. There it produces methane, which accelerates climate change. Can you imagine a giant pile of food — and then taking 40% of it to throw directly into the trash?!

But there is never any waste in nature. Everything that dies becomes food for something else. By composting, we can participate in the natural flow of life and recycle vital nutrients back into our soil.

Composting May Be More Profound Than We Ever Thought

Only recently, Project Drawdown, an organization led by environmental researcher, Paul Hawken, produced a phenomenal report ranking the 100 Top Solutions for Climate Change. Their efforts specifically focused only on hard data, to ensure the research was backed up with bulletproof evidence, and so no one could discredit their arguments.

What they found surprised them...
After factoring in the methane emissions from food waste in landfills, reducing food waste turns out to be the number 1 solution overall to help heal our planet!

Want to find out how you can grow fabulous compost, even if you don’t have much space (and without creating bad smells, offending the neighbors, or attracting unwanted critters!)? Expert gardening teacher, Stacey Murphy, joined me to create a powerful video walking you through the simplest steps to get anyone and everyone turning food scraps into healthy new soil gold! And this is just ONE of the 15 expert video lessons included in the brand new IMPACT KIT. Best of all, you can get it right now on super sale — but only during our global premiere event.

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